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How to post an ad?

It's very easy!*
Just click the "Post an Ad" link in the header of the website.
Fill up all fields and upload some real photos and this pretty much it!
However, please ensure that your Ad complies with our ad guidelines.
Once your Ad has been approved by our moderation team, it will be available for all visitors to view.

*You will need to have an account to post an Ad. Please, log in or register.

How to register?

It easy! Just click this link and follow instructions.

Is ad posting free?

Yes! It is absolutely free for all registered users!
There is also paid promotion available.

How to promote an Ad?

To run a paid promotion you need to have a verified Ad.

1. Click the "Account" link or go to "My Ads".
2. Set up a promotion plan by clicking a "Change plan" link and then choose a suitable plan.
3. Top up the Ad balance by clicking "Top up" link and choose the top up amount.
4. Start promotion by clicking the "Start" link.
5. Promotion started!